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Potential Immigration Abuse

How Harvard is linked to one of the biggest immigration frauds in our country?

In June 2017, the US Department of Labour announced it would launch an investigation into potential fraud against Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). The Dean of Harvard Business School and Professor of Ethics, Nitin Nohria is one of the key focuses in the investigation.


Dean Nohria was in 2010, when he announced securing a USD 50 million donation from the Tata Trusts, a large public charitable organization to build a Hall in honour of Mr. Ratan Tata, the septuagenarian Chairman of Tata Group. The proximity of Prof. Nohria to the Tata Group can be easily seen from the following facts on record. 


Nohria was appointed as a nominee director and a Board Member of the ultimate promoter of TCS i.e. (Tata Sons) in 2013 representing the same Trusts which made the donation to HBS and have controlling stakes of the Tata Sons. Incidentally, in 2016, Prof. Nohria’s brother in law was also appointed to the Board of Tata Sons. In addition, Mr. Amit Chandra was also made one of the trustees in Tata Trust, cementing the control of power at Tata.

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 2.08.27 AM.png

This linkage between Prof Nohria, his family members and a multi- billion- dollar corporation, full of tainted people, is beginning to hurt our country. 


Closer home, Prof. Nohria’s Brother-in- law Prof. Bharat Anand, was appointed as the head of HBX, an online branch of Harvard Business School. Prof. Anand wrote a case study along with Mr. Krishna G Palepu favouring Tata Motors’ Nano car (a monumental failure), terming it ‘the people’s car’ describing it as the outcome of Chairman Ratan Tata’s vision for the people.  Interestingly Mr. Krishna G Palepu was an independent director at an erstwhile Indian company Satyam Computers which was the epitome of financial fraud and is a Harvard professor who was asked to disgorge nearly half a million dollars (around $4,30,000) in excess remuneration paid by Satyam to him. Ironically Mr. Palepu is often quoted for his views on corporate governance. Is Dean Nohria condoning or ignoring this fact and why?


Tata Sons has over 70% stake in Tata Consultancy Services, which is at the centre of the immigration controversy. The immigration controversy surrounding a foreign company comes at a time when professionally well qualified Americans are going through the worst struggle in its history since the Great Depression in 1930s. This struggle has fragmented the cosmopolitan American society more than ever before in the contemporary history


Tata Consultancy Services and its cronies are the beneficiaries of the lax system and bypassing the system to replace US citizens with foreign software engineers. The software engineers are paid a third of what the US educated software engineers get.


Many insiders at Harvard believe that it was Mr. Ratan Tata who had lobbied for Prof. Nohria’s elevation as the Dean of Harvard Business School. Now in the search for the new President of Harvard University, Prof.  Nohria who is serving on the board of Tata’s mother ship company is the frontrunner. 

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In 2010 Nohria announced that he secured a 50 million donation from the Tata Trusts, to build a Hall in honour of Mr. Ratan Tata, the septuagenarian Chairman of Tata Group.



The question is who is backing Prof. Nohria’s race to the top job in spite of his shady credentials? More importantly, Prof. Nohria in 2016 has been legally charged by the outgoing Chairman of the Tata Group for leading an illegal coup with other (mostly new) members of the Board (including his newly inducted brother-in- law and a friend) to get the CEO of TCS (company under investigation for the fraud) to be appointed as Chairman of the Tata conglomerate.


We will write about the board room drama (widely covered in India) in a later article but is this how a Dean of the world’s most premier institute be behaving? Should such an individual be appointed as the next President of Harvard University.


Our Motive: Not to allow Harvard being purchased for lobbying by foreign multinationals within tainted and ethical standards. Harvard cannot be sold out to companies like TATA, who have exploited loopholes (possible fraud) of the American system is also taking away the opportunity from hard working students who go to Harvard, MIT, Stanford and work hard to become part of the American dream. 

It is our endeavour to prevent Harvard from being sold out. Thus, “Harvard Not For Sale

We will be exposing many such stories, before the Harvard University’s Presidential Search Committee mistakenly plays into the hands of vested corporate interests.