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When abuse of power goes unchecked

Over the last several weeks we have seen an amazing display of mostly women and some men finally mustered the much required courage to come out and publicly call out men who had abused their power and influence to sexually abuse and harass them. It has been and amazing turn of events in the United States. Men of extreme power and influence in Hollywood, politics, business and the media have been exposed in an unfortunate and rampant cases of abusing their positions of influence and power sexually. It has been a time of reckoning in the United States. 


Why this is happening now is a question many are now starting to ask and examine.  The consensus feeling seems to be that there is an increasing urgency to stand up bigotry, hate, and the abuse of power against and maltreatment of women, minorities and those who cannot protect themselves. This general push back was displayed in the women’s march in Washington DC after Trumps election. Since the inauguration these verbal assaults that threaten the less powerful to be bullied into positions of submission. Women, and even truth itself. Somehow, over the last year as this brazen verbal abuse of power has shockingly threatened to become the norm, women from every industry began coming forward to air out these abuses by men with power. The power to make or break a career. Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer. These men are accused to have abused the powerful positions they were in and immediately lost their jobs as a statement by their companies that these abuses would not be tolerated.  All because these women had the courage to stand up and say “no more” 


Most everyone would agree that this turn of events has been an extremely positive evolution though the revelation of this rampant abuse is horrific. The general feeling is that the more people stand up to and expose these abuses of power the more people will be afraid to abuse in the future. This is the way abuse of power, corruption and other terrible deeds have historically been and will continue to be slowly weeded out of society. It takes people standing up and saying “no more.” 


Such is the case with Harvard Not for Sale. This is not a trivial movement. We cannot allow our institution and its current and future leaders continue to abuse their power any longer through prostituting itself to multinational corporations to get donations, “selling” Harvard alumni status to the wealthy without demanding the rigor Harvard stands for, allowing businesses to “buy” Harvard’s marketing of its product through Harvard Business Cases, all will, one day very soon, bring the integrity and credibility of this institution to its knees if we do not stand up and say “no more.” 




Not raising our voice or concern against the plutocrats makes us silent spectators, silence is taken as acceptance and in turn makes a part of this wrong and as true citizen and human it is our duty to stand against any wrong specially when it comes to our great institution. Let’s rise and contribute to the cause.


Harvard not for sale