NITIN Nohria’s close proximity to corporate leaders and donors has a huge ability to impact the credibility and the foundation upon which Harvard is built. These close relationships have been leveraged to create fallacious case studies on subjects such as the “success of the Nano”, which has now been proven to be a monumental* failure. (*Nano Article 1 & Nano Article 2)

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The impact of this is that a generation of students passing out of Harvard will question what they have been taught. Surprisingly NITIN continues on the TATA group holding company board as a director and promoting them blindly and with impunity at Harvard.

Refer our articles “Billionaire Boardroom Coup by Business School Dean” and “Harvard Business Cases for sale

The question we need to ask ourselves is that isn’t this a crime that a man in position (Professor of Ethics) who should be looked up to, is betraying faith and fraudulently tutoring lies to young Harvard students to pursue his and his corporate masters agenda?

Shouldn’t he be reported for this malicious activity and the same should be put to an end and an example made out of him?


This must STOP.


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