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Addenda to our letter delivered to you.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

Further to the details already shared with you through our above-mentioned letter (copy attached), we would like to share with you the following additional details.

Mr. Nitin Nohira is named in the Panama Papers  https://offshoreleaks.icij.org/nodes/54258


It is only Dean Nohira of Harvard as it connects him to his address at 2 Hampton Road Lexington, MA 02421 USA which by itself is the conclusive evidence of corruption.

It is known that Mr. Nawaz Sharif had to step down from Prime-ministership of Pakistan because of his name appearing in the Panama Leaks, But Dean of a business school who is also named in the Panama Leaks is aspiring to be the President of Harvard? Quite a few people named in the Panama papers have one thing in common, a lot of ill-gotten wealth which they want to hide. 

Harvard Students and Alumni request that in addition to the other details provided, the search committee may also like to look into this serious aspect. Where there is so much smoke, there is bound to be fire. The Harvard community needs answers.

The conduct of Mr. Nitin Nohria is plagued by too many coincidences all of which are well supported by factual, verifiable facts.

Harvard’s endowment fund is the largest in the world. The President and Dean’s most important challenge is to raise money. We understand that Dean Nohira excels in fund raising capabilities, but we need to go with Ethics rather than funds particularly raised by those which bring a bad name to our Alma Mater. 

Best Regards,

TEAM – Harvard Not for Sale

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